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OSU Votes

OSU Votes is a student-led movement to register, educate and encourage other students to vote. This non-partisan group focuses on civic engagement at the Ohio State University.

Apply to be a OSU Votes Ambassador!

Pay It Forward is looking for OSU Votes Ambassadors who are passionate about voter registration and education, as well as community service. For more information and to learn more, go HERE.

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OSU Votes, The Office of Student Life’s nonpartisan voter registration and education initiative, believes that each individual student has the responsibility to be an engaged community member in addition to excelling academically. To that end, OSU Votes is committed to providing you with the necessary information and materials needed to vote in every local and presidential election.

When you sign up at the link below, you have the ability to access everything needed to register to vote. You canstay registered if you move, vote absentee, and receive reminders regarding upcoming elections.

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TurboVote simplifies the voting process so that you, the voters, can focus on the candidates and issues presentedon the ballots. However, you must take the first step and register online now. Voting not only allows each individual to make their voice heard, but also for our community to contribute towards making decisions that affect us all.


Upcoming Voter Registration Tabling Events:

Stop by the OSU Votes Table to register to vote!  More dates/location will be added soon.  The deadline to register vote is Monday, October 6th for the November 2014 election so make sure you register in time!

Check out our complete list of tabling event HERE