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Columbus Service Support Program

The Columbus Service Support Program exists to help students at Ohio State make their service event dreams a reality.  If selected, Pay It Forward will provide your student organization or group support with financial support for a one-time (up to $300) or on-going (up to $1,000) service experience.  Some examples of how funds can be used include:

  • Transportation
  • Supplies for events
  • Background check costs 

Step #1: Coaching/Planning

Student orgs/group apply to receiving funding for a one-time or on-going service program.  If they are selected to receive funding, they student leaders of these groups are required to meet with a Pay It Forward cohort member for at least two coaching/planning meetings.  The Pay It Forward cohort member will help this group plan the logistics of their service program to ensure it is a meaningful experience.

Step #2: Service/Volunteering

Students will engage in community service activities that fit their organization’s goals and objectives.  The types of activities will vary depending on what groups apply and are selected for the program

Step#3: Reflection

Through the coaching component of the program, student groups will be provided resources and support to develop reflection activities to facilitate with their group after they complete service.  This may include conversations, journaling, 1on1 discussions, etc.


Check back later this summer for Fall 2017 Columbus Service Support Program applications!