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Pay It Forward


Meet the Cohort

The 2016-2017 cohort is made up of 23 students focused on six different initaitve areas.


 Chair Position


 Caroline Mashni  Student Director
 Louisa Wruck  Student Director
 Aja McKeython  Local Service Trips
 Andrew Schulman  MLK Day of Service
 Ashley Samu  MLK Day of Service
 Browning Haynes  Community Commitment
 Caroline Corona  Spring Into Service
 Caroline Lawton  Battle Against Hunger
 Clara Wruck  MLK Day of Service
 Daniella Eglash  Education & Outreach
 Emily Kong  Battle Against Hunger
 Hannah Haughey  Local Service Trips
 Jimmy Kamarudin  Battle Against Hunger
 Kaitlyn Conine  Local Service Trips
 Karlii diGrazia  Education & Outreach
 Kishan Patel  Spring Into Service
 Kyle Haynam  Community Commitment
 Lynn Desamours  Battle Against Hunger
 Natassja Bohm  Spring Into Service
 Nishika Raheja  Community Commitment
 Sara Stacy  MLK Day of Service