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About Pay It Forward

Who We Are
Pay It Forward is a student cohort within the office of student life. We are made up of roughly 25 students on 6 different committees. Everyone has their own unique job to help fulfill the following mission, vision, and goals.

Pay It Forwards provides Ohio State students with regular, easily-accessible service opportunities on campus and in Ohio communities. Working to help students pursue their passions within service, Pay It Forward educates and exposes students to avenues of civic engagement in a variety of areas, including voting, access to education, direct service, and long-term service commitments. Fueled by hope and positivity, Pay It Forward allows students to match a personal cause to promote change within the community.

Pay It Forward will help Ohio State students become lifelong, civically-engaged citizens of their communities. Through their involvement with Pay It Forward, Ohio State graduates will have a passion and knowledge for being active citizens in their communities, working to address societal challenges and collaborating with others to better their community. 


  • Pay It Forward will develop its members by providing new members with training and education and providing all members opportunities to work collaboratively with fellow students and the local community. 
  • Pay It Forward will work to engage the Ohio State student population in service initiatives, helping instill a lifelong passion for service and civic engagement. 
  • Pay It Forward will reach out to other service organizations on campus, allowing Pay It Forward to support and better connect those organizations to service opportunities. 
  • Pay It Forward will work to develop relationships with community partners by providing service to local organizations within the community. Pay It Forward will work to benefit the Ohio State brand by creating civically-engaged, service-oriented graduates and citizens.

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