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Find Volunteers

There are two ways that we can connect you to volunteers:

Register to Post on our Service Search Engine:
You can list your opportunity on our Service Search Engine, where Ohio State students regularly search for available opportunities. Through this method, the student or student group will contact you directly, and Pay It Forward will have a minimal role after the connection is made. If you would like to list your opportunity in the Service Search Engine, you must register your organization.

Participate in a Pay It Forward Initiative:
Pay It Forward hosts a number of service programs and events throughout the year, and we need your agencies to make it happen! We host two large-scale, single-day events where we can provide you with as many volunteers as you may need for a few hours. Additionally, we have a long-term project-lead program, where we can provide you with a student-leader for the entire semester. Finally, we are always looking to expand service opportunities, so if you have an event or program that you need volunteers for, please email Jake Cohen or Kate Hildebrandt to learn more about what Pay It Forward can do to help.