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  • Campus: ATI Wooster, Columbus, Lima, Mansfield, Marion, Newark

    Our 5th Grade Days at COSI is happening again in 2018 (February/March 2018) COSI will be looking for engaging volunteers to assist with a special event with Columbus City Schools and their 5th grade students. Students will participate in engaging science activities located at carts stationed around the science center. Each of these activities is specially designed to reinforce content learned earlier in the school year and will also be on the 5th grade AIR Assessment. Volunteers will assist with the activities. Usually we request Volunteers start at 9 am and the activities are generally over by Noon. Volunteers will receive free parking and a COSI Free Admission pass to use on another day. On any of these days I can use up to ten volunteers. Activity content includes: Sound vibrations, Light Reflection, Light Refraction, Light Absorption and Heat, Inertia, Food chains, Constellations, Space Tools, and Planetary Distances. We host the schools Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at COSI. Here are the dates: •March 2018 19, 20, 21, 22. the March dates of 19 through 22 as make-up days in the event of a school cancellation. Please contact if you have an interest.

    Updated: 3 Weeks Ago, Added: November 7, 2017
  • Campus: Columbus

    Volunteer Position Description Volunteer Position: YOP Assistant Program: Youth Outreach Program (YOP) Reports to: YOP Manager Location: YOP Shop, 893 East 11th Avenue, Columbus, OH Time Commitment: 3 hour shift, once per week 6 month minimum commitment Purpose: Be a presence at the YOP Shop so staff can be out in the community. Responsibilities: • Answer phones • Find and file resources • Keep YOP Shop tidy • Interact with young people who come in to YOP Shop • Contact YOP team member if young person comes in and needs something the volunteer needs help with Qualifications: • Must be 18 years of age. • A BCI background check is required. • Personable and have a positive, helpful and engaging attitude towards young people and community members. Possible Internship

    Updated: 5 Months Ago, Added: October 16, 2017
  • Campus: Columbus, Mansfield, Newark

    Volunteers will be matched with a middle or high school student with mild disabilities. You meet once a month at LifeTown in New Albany, from September through May, working through lessons with the same student each time. No previous experience needed, all lessons and training will be provided by LifeTown.

    Updated: 7 Months Ago, Added: August 4, 2017
  • Campus: Columbus

    Columbus Metropolitan has 23 Homework Help Centers in all parts of Columbus that would love to see OSU students join us to provide knowledge and a guiding hand to kids from kindergarten through high school seniors. We especially need help with middle school math. Some branches further from campus have a great need for the influence of college students. If you're available in the late afternoon (from 3 to 6 or 4 to 7) one night a week, it would be great to have your help.

    Updated: 7 Months Ago, Added: July 31, 2017
  • Campus: Columbus

    Goodwill Columbus's Health & Wellness Department would like to help design and enjoy collaborative projects with any interested programs of study which would benefit from meaningful hands-on experiences with young adults and seniors with developmental disabilities. We use a very broad definition of wellness and know that improving the strength of our relationships will be the most powerful way to impact our wellness.

    Updated: 9 Months Ago, Added: May 19, 2017
  • Campus: ATI Wooster, Columbus, Lima, Mansfield, Marion, Newark

    An essential part of any community revitalization initiative is physical transformation. This physical transformation can come in many forms and in the case of PACT and our work on the Near East Side of Columbus, an essential part of our work is transforming the physical condition of existing housing stock. Additionally, as exteriors of homes fell into disrepair, they became less energy efficient resulting in higher utility costs for our residents with low and/or fixed incomes. The result is a neighborhood blanketed with physical blight and homeowners ill-equipped to independently complete desperately needed repairs to their home. As a result, PACT has introduced an exterior home repair program through which residents/homeowners of owner-occupied properties (renters and/or their landlords are not eligible for this program) can benefit from exterior home repairs at absolutely no cost to them. The VISTA member will provide the critically important administrative and project management support necessary to deliver this initiative with excellence. The VISTA member will partner with and support our Program Manager such that home owners experience a high-quality process, resulting in high levels of homeowner satisfaction, improved knowledge of what is required to maintain their home and financial benefit in the form of reduced utility costs.

    Updated: 11 Months Ago, Added: March 30, 2017
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